Some facts about minecraft:


minecraft is a block based game now owned by microsoft it was made by a indi game developer from sweden named Markus Persson/Notch the game supports creativity becus the game lets you build anything minecraft can be played in diffrent modes like creative where you can build and have fun with friends or survival to try and speedrun the game or just try and beat it or just build by getting the materials you need also as the name migth hint at you might need to survive there are lots of mobs like the famus creaper or zombie those mobs are hostile all mobs arent hostile towards the player like animals in the games there are lots pigs, cows, sheep and lots more minecraft is one of the most played games and it has some of the best and relaxing music minecraft can also be modded with lots of mods mods are files of code witch can switch stuff in game some mods can add stuff and switch how old stuff works since minecraft there has been lots of new stuff like a the mobile app minecraft erth or minecraft dungons minecraft is still being updated to this day and we will poast about the latest news


some new updates and more:

the minecraft caves and cliffs update is here or not really becus it comes in parts some big things about the update

new mobs new cave biomes and mutch mutch more

the mobs 1Axolotl 2Goat 3Warden…

more info coming soon

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