⭐Fun if you have someone to play with also its free so why not download it the game is really simple with some cool move you can do for example you can jump on a teammates palm to get a speed bounce sort of move if you combo that with the dash you can get a nice slam. If you are going solo on this game with random teammates then get ready to rage or make you teammates rage since it is really easy to mess with anyone and your team will not help you 90% of the time. Anyways the game look quite nice in my opinion and it is simple to understand the audio is repetetive but not bad I am giving the game a overall score of 6/10.💫 _______________________________________________________________________________________________
🎮Gameplay: 6.5/10
📺Graphics: 6/10
🔊Audio: 5.5/10
🔥Overall: 6/10

cool to way score:

"Original" Slappyball (trailer)


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