The Tottally Accurate Battlegrounds CreativeRating

Accurate Battlegrounds is a free game made by: landfall games who have also made the game: totally accurate battle simulator played by millions. the game Accurate Battlegrounds game is a battle royale game based on other battle royale games it was made mostly as a joke. the game has a very original take on the battle royale game type. with ragdoll physics like in there other game totally accurate battle simulator

The graphics are very low poly and simpel but also very colorful they are very simular to there other game graphics with a nice contrast.

The gameplay is most of the time kinda slow since theres a very big map and only around 50 players for most maches but with a few vehicles it feels a but faster the death mini game makes it feel a little more forgiving when you die the mechanics are fun and most are original and very fitting for the game.


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